On the undergraduate level I have taught Econ 11, Intermediate Microeconomic Theory I, Econ 130 Public Economics, and several Fiat Lux courses. On the Ph.D. level I have taught Econ 203A Introduction to Econometrics I and Econ 261a, 261b, Labor Economics I and II.  I have won the Warren C. Scoville Teaching Award 6 times. A summary of my teaching evaluations and selected Written Comments are below.

  • 2016 Fall Quarter
    • Fiat Lux Freshman Seminars: Your Tax Dollars at Work [ECON 19-3]
  • 2015 Fall Quarter
  • 2013 Fall Quarter
  • 2013 Spring Quarter
    • Community or Corporate Internships in Economics I [ECON 195A-1]
  • 2012 Fall Quarter
  • 2011 Fall Quarter
  • 2007 Winter Quarter